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Tuttnauer Model 7000 Water Distiller



Tuttnauer offers a distiller that provides pure water that is 99% free of total dissolved solids. These distillers eliminate the inconvenience and expense of buying bottled water. Their ease of operation makes them ideal for any medical, dental or laboratory application.


The Tuttnauer 9000 features a removable boiler for easy fill and a unique recessed heating base to reduce scale buildup.

reg $ 3,046    Discontinued

Tuttnauer Model 7000 Water Distiller Brochure

Model 7000 Tuttnauer Water Distiller / 3 Gallon Reg $ 3,046  Discontinued

Model 7000-8 Tuttnauer Water Distiller/ 8 Gallon Reg $ 3,416  Discontinued

Model 7000-12 Tuttnauer Water Distiller/ 12 Gallon Reg $ 3,830 Discontinued

Tuttnauer Model 7000 Water Distiller Features:
      • Model 7000* (3.5 gal System)
      • Model 7000-8* (8 gal System)
      • Model 7000-12* (12 gal Sytem)


      * series 7000 is directly connected to the water supply for continuous operation. Reservoir is designed for front or side mounting of spout. Photo shown with front mounting.

          Model Type Weight
          lbs (kg)
          Width Inn. (cm) Depth Inn. (cm) Height Inn. (cm)
          7000* 11" (28) 17" (43) 17" (43) Countertop 30 (13.5)
          7000-8* 11" (28) 17" (43) 36" (91) Floor Model 37 (16.5)
          7000-12* 11" (28) 17" (43) 42" (107) Floor Model 44 (20)

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