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ValueKlave 1730 Tuttnauer Sterilizer- Autoclave
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2540M Tuttnauer Sterilizer
2540MK Kwiklave Tuttnauer Autoclave
Tuttnauer T-Edge 10 inch Chamber Size Autoclave
Tuttnauer T-Edge 11 inch Chamber Size Autoclave
EZ9 Tuttnauer Autoclave
EZ9Plus Tuttnauer Autoclave
EZ10P Tuttnauer Sterilizer
EZ11Plus Tuttnauer Autoclave Fully Automatic Steam
EZ10KP Tuttnauer Sterilizer
3870M Tuttnauer Autoclave
3870EA Tuttnauer Sterilizer
Elara 11 Tuttnauer Sterilizer
Omega St Autoclave
M3 MidMark Ultrafast Sterilizer
M9 Midmark Sterilizer
M11 Midmark Ultraclave Sterilizer
Prestige Steam Sterilizer
50X All American Sterilizer
75X All American Sterilizer
DS1000 Steam Distiller Water Purification System
7000 Tuttnauer Water Distiller
Water Distiller 1 Liter
Tiva 2 Counter Top Washer Disinfector # 112002041
Tiva 2 Medical Dental Washer Disinfector
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Tuttnauer 1730 ValueKlave Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2340M Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2540M Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2540MK Steam Sterilizer


reg $ 3,449

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2340M Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 5,992

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2540M Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 7,094

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2540MK Manual Kwiklave Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 7,418

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Tuttnauer EZ9 Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer EZ9Plus Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer EZ 10 Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer EZ11 Plus Steam Sterilizer

EZ9  Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 7,447

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EZ9Plus Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 7,418

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EZ10P Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 8,440

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EZ11 Plus Automatic Autoclave (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 8,729

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Tuttnauer EZ10K Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 3870M Large Capacity Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 3870EA Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer Elara 11 Class B Steam Sterilizer

Tuttnauer EZ10K Automatic Autoclave/Sterilizer

reg $ 8,836

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3870EAP Automatic Sterilizer (Tuttnauer)

reg $ 23,454

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Omega St Steam Sterilizer

Midmark M3 UltraFast Steam Sterilizer

Midmark M9 Autoclaves

 Midmarl M11 Automatic Autoclave

Omega ST Sterilizer

reg $ 4,759

Parts Available

Midmark M3 UltraFast Dental Sterilizer

reg $ 6,999

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MidMark M9 Dental Sterilizer

reg $ 7,399

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Midmark M11 Dental Sterilizer

reg $ 9,989

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Prestige Steam Sterilizer

DS1000 Steam Distiller Water Purification System

Tuttnauer Model 7000 Water Distiller

WD1 Sterilizer Water Distiller

Tuttnauer specializes in sterilization and disinfection equipment for the Medical, Dental  and Healthcare fields. Our product offerings include tabletop autoclaves for operating rooms and outpatient clinics, washer disinfectors and large sterilizers for the CSSD (Central Sterilization Service Department) or emergency rooms. Additionally, Tuttnauer manufactures autoclaves designed to treat Infectious Medical Waste. Steam sterilization is the preferred, cost effective non-burn method of biohazard waste treatment.

Tuttnauer products can be found in dental and private clinics around the world, providing the critical support that enables professionals to carry out their work in an optimal environment. With various mechanical and automatic autoclaves plus a range of complementary products, Tuttnauer is truly a one-stop-shop for the sterilization and infection control needs of any clinic.

Because we continue to be one of the best experts in both supplying dental office equipment and also offering specialty services, including repairs, to the largest number of dental practices throughout the United States, you can relax knowing that your own company can acquire quality and reliable dental sterilization equipment at exceptional and competitive prices, with a full guarantee of performance and longevity.

If you have already investigated dental sterilizers for sale, either online or through a salesperson or customer support service, you likely know the wide differences in pricing that will be quoted to you. A lot of our business stems from the amount of referrals we receive because previous clients have shared with their colleagues our great service, expertise, and deals.

Have you been seeking your own autoclave dental sterilizer? Browse through our extensive selection of dental sterilization equipment and select the perfect unit for your own practice. You will be both pleased and amazed at the low price you will be quoted, along with the easy and fast installation of any of our dental sterilizers that we have for sale to our professional customers.

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